Created 4-Dec-08
Modified 8-Apr-15
As You can see from my portfolio, I take pictures from aricrafts on airports across Europe. I try to get to an airport as often as I have the time to do so. The most pictures I have taken at Duesseldorf (DUS/EDDL). As I used to live in the Cologne-area, I visited CGN/EDDK quite often to see the heavy cargo freighters arrive and take off. Amsterdam (AMS/EHAM) is the most interesting airport I've ever been to. At AMS, You are able to take pictures without fences between Your lens and the aircrafts. It's also pretty amazing how close You get to the action near "Polderbaan", e.g.. At Zurich (ZRH/LSZH) You can take pictures from a very huge visitors platform. It's worth a one-day-trip, believe me!

Now, enjoy the pictures!